Mobile Social Networking with Pacmee

Pacmee is a mobile-variant of social networking, which enables mobile users to send Twitter-like messages, or shoutouts, via their mobile phones. Users sign up and send shoutouts via SMS (using shortcode). Each shoutout will be sent to all the followers of a user via SMS and also posted on its website ( and mobile site ( and also its My Shoutout widgets.

The widgets can be embedded on Friendster, Tagged, Blogger,,, Multiply, Profileheaven, Yahoo! 360, hi5, Yahoo! Geocities, eBay, Wretch, Windows Live,, Blog Drive, Diaryland, Piczo, LiveJournal, Tripod, TypePad and Freewebs. Its Public Timeline is available on its website,

Users send shoutouts via SMS (with shortcode 22700) and will be charged RM1 for every 20 shoutouts on top of standard SMS request fee of RM0.05 for each SMS. In addition, there is a charge of RM1.00 every month and a user get to receive 50 shoutouts from the people they are following, at no charge. Currently, it is only available to Maxis (postpaid and Hotlink) subscribers.

Pacmee adopts (almost) fully the concept of Twitter, from the functionality perspective. Twitter positioned as utility for micro-blogging; Pacmee is yet another SMS-based service. It focuses on mobile phone users (in Malaysia).

Twitter also offers its users to send their tweets (messages) via their mobile phones (yes, even in Malaysia). A quick check on Twitter, there are about 27,080 Malaysian users; not sure about the number of Pacmee subscribers. There’s a total of 20+ million mobile phone subscribers in Malaysia.

For Twitter, it’s about growing its community first and worry about monetizing it later. Pacmee is monetizing its sms-based life-streaming from Day 1.

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