From PDA to MPA

On 20th May 2008, Rearden Commerce launched its Mobile Personal Assistant (MPA), the concierge for on-to-go executives. Users can use it to manage travel itineraries, track weathers, provide status & alerts, and more. This is an extension of the company’s web-based personal digital concierge, which enables user to plan their travels, make restaurants reservation, ship packages, web conferencing, event ticketing, and more. Equally noteworthy is that on 6th May 2008, Rearden managed to secure $100 million fresh funding from investors include JP Morgan and American Express to extend and expand the reach of its web-based personal assistant.

The Palm’s Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) offers unstructured utilities to users. An open platform with vast array of apps for users to choose, apps ranging from games to productivity. MPA of Rearden Commerce build a context for a delivery of structured utilities for work and personal life. For PDA, it’s let a thousand flowers bloom, whereas MPA, it’s let’s tame the chaos.

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