Tweats Mining: Summize Searches for Gold

Summize, a search utility for Twitter conversations, created an interesting way to monetize tweets. A user query keyword, for example, Web 2.0 or Facebook, and Summize will display the real-time Twitter conversations (or ‘tweets’) that include the queried term(s).

Summize has signed a deal with The Huffington Post (THP) and displayed its real-time Twitter conversations. The widget is displayed on every tag page of THP. For the tag page of McCain, for example (see below), the Summize widget display the latest conversation that ‘carry’ the word ‘McCain’.

The Twitter Ecosystem is still in search of sustainable business model. In terms of adoption, it’s pretty impressive. As of March 2008, there’s a total of 3 million users with 200,000 active users per week and 3 million messages per day (Source: TechCrunch April 29 2008).

As in the case for many web start-ups, It’s launch first, then figure out the revenue model. Summize’s link-up with THP is the first (definitely, not the last) interesting effort to monetize the Twitter conversations.

The Twitter Ecosystem is in a state-of-flux. It has the critical level of user base with dynamicism and vibrancy to ignite the network effect. Now, it’s time to figure out the missing part, which is to figure out right models to sustain the Ecosystem.

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