Map Your Life Path with xrosspath

xrosspath is an interesting intersection of a personal journal and location-based social networking, which enables users to visualize their life path, in terms of space (where) and time (when).

Each social networking site uses different stimuli to catalyze the creation of social ties (these ties then lead to site’s stickiness). Facebook uses its ‘fun’ applications to foster social networking. offers free music and log listeners’ music preferences; users then can find friends with similar music taste. For xrosspath, it’s social stimulus is xrosspoint.

xrosspath provides a platform for users to log their life events e.g. restaurants visited, social events, school attended, etc. Each logged life event is a xrosspoint on xrosspath. A xrosspoint represents a snap-shot of one’s life experience and is used to create ‘shared meanings’ among those who were there at that particular point in time. These shared meanings are used to facilitate social networking on xrosspath.

login page of xrosspath

Each xrosspoint is logged in a Timeline. Proximity of two xrosspoints are calculated and its value is called xrossfinity. The closer the two xrosspoints, the higher is the xrossfinity value, which then means the path of the two individuals’ crossed.

timeline of xrosspath

To add a xrosspoint to the Timeline, a user needs to enter ‘start date/time’ and ‘end date/time’ and then determine the location where the event took place. Time and physical location are two key components for xrosspath to work. Its Location Finder is integrated with Google Maps. The user is also required to describe the nature of the event. For example, “I proposed to my wife here” and “My favorite Italian food restaurant.”

xrosspoint entry page

Currently, xrosspath is still in preview stage. According to Kegan Gan, Chief Technology Geodude (really, that’s his job title), they should have a more solid product out in a few more months. It is unclear what other features and functionalities will be incorporated to the complete product, other than what already available now.

One of the key challenges for xrosspath is to entice users to log their life events (or xrosspoints). It needs to create a sort-of “Just Push Play” mechanism to motivate users to log as many snap-shots of their life path as possible. Successful accumulation of xrosspoints from its users will create social vibrancy on xrosspath ecosystem, which ultimately, determine its sustainability.

xrosspath, a Cyberjaya-based company, is joining a host of players in offering location-based social application. All the key players, namely Brightkite, Loopt and Whrrl offer different flavors of location-based social networks. The recent two acquisitions – Nokia bought Germany’s Plazes and Vodafone bought Denmark’s ZYB – seem to indicate the growth potential of location-based social networks.

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