Blogging Made Even Simpler by Posterous

The emergence of participative web is contributed by the simplification of user-generated contents generation. From YouTube to Flickr WordPress to Twitter, these services are constantly evolving toward new levels of simplicity and ubiquity. Posterous just launched its blogging platform that promises simplicity.

Posterous Front Page

Just Email Us

Similar to Tumblr and Pownce, Posterous provides a social ‘canvass’ for people to post their thoughts and media online. What differentiate Posterous apart is its post-via-email feature.

To start emailing contents to Posterous, users need to ‘register’ their email account(s) with Posterous. You can use multiple web-based emails or your corporate email to send your postings. After registration, just email your blog post to ‘[email protected]’. This simplicity is a breath of fresh air.

Posterous also offers commenting through email feature. Whenever someone comment your post, you will receive an email notification. To respond to the comment, just reply the email and you’re done!

You can also send attachments and Posterous will post them together with the email text. Formats accepted include .doc, .ppt, .pdf, .jpg, .gif, .png, .mps and also video links. If you attached multiple photos in your email post, Posterous will neatly organize the photos, as shown below:

Images Displayed at Posterous Page

Similar to other blogging sites, you can subscribe to other Posterous members’ pages. In “My Subscription”, you will see the contents and media posted by those you’ve subscribed to.

Each user has two pages, Posterous page and Profile page. AllĀ  postings appear in the Posterous page and Profile page displays the user’s brief bio, latest posts and subscribers list. As of now, there is no page theme option.

Sample Posterous Page

Simplicity as Core Capability

Everything at Posterous is based on the premise of simplicity, from its users registration process to blog posting. At Posterous, simplicity is its key competitive weapon and should become its core capability and brand identity. It is imperative for Posterous to quickly build its user base and let network effects take hold before its competitors start delivering similar offerings.

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