Twitter’s New Look (Sneak Peek)

About an hour ago, Twitter released its new design interface. But some fifteen minutes later, it was replaced by the old one. Pre-mature release? Maybe.

Anyway, the ‘new’ interface still has rough edges; more of a work-in-progress version with lot of changes to be made. For a starter, the link arrangement is a bit awkward. For example, the grouping at the left column of ‘Recent’ ‘Replies’.., some will have stats, some won’t. Not quite logical in its look-and-feel.

Here are some noticeable alterations (or missing parts) in the under-construction Twitter-ville:

  • ‘Recent’, ‘Replies’, ‘Everyone’ tabs shifted to the right column.
  • ‘Updates’ stat not available.
  • ‘Search’ box cannot be seen. Probably, the interface renovation aims to accomodate ‘Summize’.
  • Your latest tweet will be shown below the status update box.
  • ‘Your Profile’ link disappeared; need to click on profile pic to view your page.
  • ‘Following’ and ‘Followers’ appear right below your profile pic.
  • Currently, stats are not available for ‘Favorites’ but appeared on ‘Direct Messages’.
  • ‘Archive’ no longer available (not sure whether it’s permanent or not).

Though it’s still crude, this may give us some indications of how Twitter will look like in very near future. Here’s the screenshot of the ‘new’ interface:

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