Exxon Mobil on Twitter

This morning, I received an email with subject line “Janet at ExxonMobilCorp is following you on Twitter.” Yes! Exxon Mobil Corporation, the world’s largest oil company and second largest in Fortune Global 500, is tweeting. Its first tweet:

Hi there, I’m Janet, one of a few Community Evengilist at ExxonMobil Corp. I’m here to answer any of questions from this twitter community.

Here’s a screenshot of Exxon Mobil’s Twitter page:

Janet is conversing on issues related to Exxon Mobil. As to why on Twitter, she wrote “we’re working hard on building a strong relationship with the twitter community.

Besides Twitter, the corporation is also establishing a social networking component for their website. It’s interesting how a large organization like Exxon Mobil navigates the social networking realm. At least now, customers of Exxon Mobil can converse with someone ‘friendly’ from the organization and this is making the corporation less impersonal and distance. Hat off to Exxon Mobil Corporation for this small step forward.

UPDATE (August 02 2008): Four days later, the real identity of Janet of ExxonMobilCorp is revealed. The person DOES NOT represent Exxon Mobil Corporation. In other words, the person is a fake. Read more here.

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  1. yeah I’m not sure how to respond to this…

    is it like hearing that someone from the IRS is now tweeting so that we have a “friendly” IRS voice?

    should we be skeptical… like we’re shaking hands with an old friend that is simply reaching deeper into our wallets?

    is the social media community going to look beyond any businesses history simply because they’re creatively stepping into more cutting edge, relational, guerrilla marketing techniques?

    hmmmm… me… i’m far to laid back and accepting to give a shit about all that. Welcome to social media Janet of Exxon! As long as you say you’re working on better energy solutions for the good of the world… I’m cool.


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