Post Everything to (almost) Everywhere with Posterous

By on July 30, 2008

Posterous LogoPosterous released its AutoPost feature today (GreyReview’d here). Now, users can post content to various blogging platforms, namely Twitter, Blogger,, Typepad, LiveJournal and Xanga. Photos too can be automatically posted to Flickr.

Each time a user sends a post using [email protected], Posterous will send the post to multiple sites (as defined by the user). The user can also specify specific social website to post e.g. to send to Twitter, email ‘[email protected]’ and send to Flickr, email to ‘[email protected]’.

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Posterous, popular for its blog-via-email feature, is adopting a similar concept to With, a user can post their updates to various social services (blogs, micro-blogs and status). However, is more suitable in situations where brevity matters; Posterous is simply a blank canvass for anyone to throw anything at. Now, not only Posterous a blogging/social networking site, it also offers social networks update service. That’s value-added!

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