The New News Feed at Facebook

Facebook Logo Facebook‘s News Feed is getting ‘richer.’ The News Feed section is where your friends’ activities on Facebook are being displayed. Now, News Feed comes with filters, namely “Top Stories“, “Status Updates“, “Photos” and “Posted Items.”

Top Stories are displaying the latest activity streams of your friends (similar to the ‘old’ format everything-in News Feed). “Status Updates” displays your friends’ status updates; “Photos” consolidates the latest photos uploaded and “Posted Items” for posted links. Below are the screenshots of the News Feed before and after the tiny facelift:

BEFORE screenshot July 21 2008

AFTER screenshot July 31 2008

You can comment of every activity stream on Top Stories, Status Updates and Posted Items (no comment on Photos). This comment-ability feature is mimicking FriendFeed. Will Facebook soon allow other social-streams (e.g. Twitter and Flickr) to flow into its walled garden?

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