Widgeo.us Developer Network Goes Live

Widgeo.us Logo Widgeo.us just launched its Developer Network website. In July 26th 2008, the Singapore-based start-up opened up its unified communication platform to third-party developers. The new Developer Network website provides a workspace for developers to manage their Widgeous applications. It also features step-by-step Getting Started guide and forum.

Widgeous consolidates various communication channels (eg. MSN, Twitter, email) onto a single platform. Application developers can then focus on designing and developing the functionality of their applications and leverage Widgeous platform to extend to more communication channels. Widgeous acts as an exchange, sitting in between end-users and third-party applications.

Widgeous Developer Network

Developers only need to code their applications, host the applications and then, connect to Widgeous API. This leads to time-saving, cost-effectiveness and enhance productivity for developers; they don’t have to worry about integration with different channels, track changes in channel’s protocols and learn different APIs for different channels. Also, Widgeous offers single interface for developers to handle incoming and outgoing messages from multiple channels. (Read here for more on Widgeous).

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