FriendFeed with New Look and Strategy


FriendFeed launches its beta look. Here are some highlights of the new interface:

  • Post, where users can easily post message, link or photo and select which feed to post it to.

FriendFeed Post

  • All-in-One Sidebar. FriendFeed is shifting the tabs from the top to the side.

FriendFeed Sidebar

  • Friends Categorization Now you can categorize your Friends into various categories. The Friend Settings page is less cluttered.

FriendFeed Friend Categories

FriendFeed Friend Settings

  • Organized Display of Feeds In My Feeds section, feeds are organized into three tabs – ‘Feeds’, ‘Comments + Feeds’ and “You + Friends”. All streams added to FriendFeed are neatly organize below the tabs and acts as Filter. If you click, say Twitter icon, your Twitter entries will be displayed.

FriendFeed My Feeds

Overall, FriendFeed is making its functionalities more accessible from its ‘landing’ page and streamlined the organization of its contents. It is also making posting of contents easier, with its new Post bar. It’s almost like Twitter-ization of FriendFeed. Facebook made the similar move with its repositioned Status Update bar (see here).

Rather than “parasiting” on other social services for activity streams or contents, FriendFeed wants its users to generate more contents from within FriendFeed. It is the next logical move for FriendFeed.

New FriendFeed Interface Design

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