The Impact of Social Media on Innovation – Josh Bernoff

GroundswellI’ve just watched a webinar titled “The Impact of Social Media on Innovation,” featuring Josh Bernoff. It is about how to generate innovation by leveraging the social media “groundswell”. These are some of the key points, which I find interesting:

  • Customer-driven Innovation CycleDiscovery (identification of consumers’ latent needs), Design (the use of consumer feedback to tune launch and execution), Deployment (sharing of consumer needs to generate innovations),
  • New Approach to Innovation
    • Consumer involvement – from structured to spontaneous
    • Corporate posture – from go out to consumers’ to invite consumer in
    • Environment – from linear, pipeline to controlled chaos
    • Consumer needs – from explicit to ‘explicit and latent
    • Tools – from surveys, focus groups, story boards to search, blogs, communities
  • Innovation software
    • Innovation Platforms for managing ideas
    • Innovation Events for event-based collaboration
    • Innovation Communities to leverage the insights of the customer
  • Examples of collaborative innovation
    • Captive communities
    • Beta test bed
    • Idea communities
    • Suggestion boxes
    • Product ratings

Josh Bernoff is the co-author of Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies. I’ve blogged about it here.

For those who have missed the webinar, below are the Skitch‘d presentation slides of “The Impact of Social Media on Innovation” (note: two ‘intro’ slides are missing):

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