Limited Edition Google Chrome Comic Book Now at eBay

Google Chrome LogoTwo days after Google Chrome’s release, its comic book surfaced at eBay. Duncan Riley of The Inquisitr is auctioning the most-viewed Chrome comic. Google mailed copies of the comic book to bloggers and press media, prior to the launch of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome LogoOf course, you can get the digital version of the comic here. Nevertheless, the comic book drawn by Scott McCloud can be a valuable commemorative artifact because (1) Google Chrome is potentially a force to be reckon in the browser market; currently at version, the web browser offers glimpse of its potential to further evolve into something much more interesting and powerful compared to other offerings, and (2) the comic is the centerpiece of the launch; used to introduce the new browser to the world. Indeed, Google Chrome is a breath of fresh air, in terms of technology and PR product launch.

The auction ends September 12 2008. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to two charitable organizations, Beth Kanter and Beyond Blue.

At the time of this posting, there are already 2 bids with AU$127.50 as the highest bid amount. So, head on to eBay and place your bid. You may end up with the limited edition Google Chrome comic book and at the same time, contribute to charity. Good luck!

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