Carrefour Grocery Promotions Now Searchable on Yellotext

yellotextThe pioneering mobile SMS-based search provider, Yellotext is collaborating with Carrefour in Malaysia, by making grocery promotional offers by the French hypermarket giant searchable on its search platform.

Now, Carrefour Malaysia’s customers can find out latest offers and promotions, by texting “ASK Carrefour Groceries Promo” to 36869. Grocery promotion information (product details and prices) will be sent directly to the customers’ mobile phones via SMS. Each text message ASK query will be charged RM0.30.

Carrefour Promotions. Search Anytime, Anywhere with Yellotext

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For Carrefour, this search service offers added convenience to its shoppers (especially bargain hunters), by making its promotion information searchable via text message. It also provides the hypermarket giant the ability to narrowcast promotion information to targeted audience, as information delivery is only triggered by users’ search query (information on-demand, on-the-go). In this case, it’s about delivering the right information to the right person at the right time!

This search utility adds a new dimension to Carrefour’s marketing arsenal and complementing its existing broadcast medium – newspaper ads, catalogue, poster. Promotion offers for the period November 28 – December 10 2008 at Carrefour Malaysia are already searchable on Yellotext, as of today.

For Yellotext, this collaboration looks set to further catalyze its users’ growth. Currently, the company is exploring opportunities with more companies in other sectors to organically grow its user-base and expand its search directory.

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