Spanking New Website of Burger King Malaysia

On September 04 2008, I wrote a short blog bitching about the ugliness of Burger King Malaysia website. The mismatch between the web page (as shown below, with my remarks on it) and the brand identity of the world’s second largest fast-food chain is, well, appalling, especially in today’s Ajaxy web landscape.

Burger King Malaysia – THEN

Now, the BK Malaysia website is awful no more (not sure when the new site went live, though).

Burger King Malaysia Website – NOW

If Burger King Malaysia really were in the process of developing its website in early September, I wonder why it didn’t use a more tasteful Under Construction page? But, anyway, at least now BK Malaysia website looks more delicious than BK Singapore‘s (see below).

Burger King Singapore Website

Burger King Corporation should imposed Web design guidelines onto its franchisers, so its brand image / look-and-feel remains consistent across the many brand microsites setup by its franchisors around world.

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  1. Great to see a brand like BK responding with a much better site. The pizzahut site still leaves much to be desired. Slow web for fast food is not on.

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