A Walled Garden for Singles-Only Named Eteract

EteractEteract is a social app for singles and positioned itself as an online activities site for singles. Eteract provides a social platform designed and refined for singles to find their love match and interact with one another in a safe and fun virtual environment. In contrast, social networks like Facebook, Friendster and MySpace provide laissez-faire context for social interactions.

Dating, Evolved

Online dating sites have been around since the early days of the Web. Match.com, for example, started operation in 1994. Online dating sites is one of the dominant forms of social network in the pre-Web 2.0 era.

In recent years, there is a rise in the number of specialized dating sites. Examples include BlackSingles, ChristianMingle and JDate. Although these niche sites are operating on the fringe, Anderson’s Long Tail argued that these “narrowly-targeted goods and services can be as economically attractive as mainstream fare.”

The surging popularity of social networking sites offers alternative avenues for people to socialize, find a date and even, a love match. In some ways, these social networks are encroaching into online dating’s marketspace. Maybe, that’s why research company Nielsen observed significant increased ads spending among online dating sites since 2003.

But online dating sites too are getting ‘social’ with the use of prevailing social networking tools to complement its online dating services. Case in point: Eteract.

Eteract as a Social Platform

Similar to social networking sites, Eteract offers profile page, search engine and messaging. Users can add friends and keep track of their activities on Eteract. Dating oriented utilities include 3D Chat, Online Speed Dating and My Match recommendation engine.

Users can also create avatars and accessorize them with premium add-ons, which can be purchased with clams, the Eteract currency. With $15, for example, you can buy 100 clams.

Clams can also be used at Eteract’s Gift Shop, a place where users can buy virtual gifts for one another. After the 3-day free trial period, services like Online Speed Dating and 3D Chat become paid services, payable in (you guess it!) clams. Alternatively, users can subscribe to its Premium membership and get unlimited access to the services.

Avatarize Yourself

3D Chat is group chat on steroid. It allows you to converse with other Eteract members in chatrooms with souped-up interfaces. Members can also join Clubs, which are groupings around interest, cause and activity.

Avatars in Themed Chatroom

To complement its virtual chat, Eteract provides Online Speed Dating for one-to-one conversation with your ‘match’ via webcam or text chat. At the end of the 3-minute interaction, you can decide whether to explore further with the ‘match’ or not.

Online Speed Dating

Eteract has put in place measures to enhance the accuracy of information provided by its users. In Singapore, they conduct identity card verification and marital status check. They also allow members to report abuses to minimize incidences of frauds.

Eteract, a Singapore-based startup, is the online venture of Lunch Actually, Asia’s largest lunch dating service agency. Eteract has just completed its development phase and is already available in three countries – Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

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