701Panduan, Yet Another Directory Search or an e-Marketplace?

701PanduanAt the present time, 701Panduan provides search utility for finding Malaysian businesses, places and directions. 701Panduan Sdn Bhd, a MSC Malaysia status company, is 50/50 joint venture between SPH Interactive International Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings Ltd, and Star Publications (M) Bhd, the two leading newspaper companies in Singapore and Malaysia, respectively. Brand tagged as The Ultimate Source for Local Search with focus on the provision of search services on mobile and web platforms.

To search, users can use with keyword e.g. “hotel” and “snack” or specific brand name e.g. “KFC” and “Royal Selangor.”

701Panduan: Directory Search Engine and Location Finder

Compared to online directory search offered by Malaysia Yellow Pages, 701Panduan offers a much richer search results. Each result comes with the following links:

  • Business Info – Expanded company details, namely corporate information, company logo, products/services offered, website, email, payment method
  • Map – Location of the business (Note: Some search results don’t have this link).
  • Free Call – Call directly to the company via the Web for free.
  • Feedback – Users can comment and provide feedbacks about a particular company.

Additionally, users can select a few companies and display them side-by-side for comparison and email them to friends.

701Panduan Search Results

701Panduan’s Map Search (powered by MapKing) enables users to search for places and have the results displayed on its street map. The map is dotted with markers, indicating landmarks e.g. LRT stations, bus stops, hotels, monorails and etc. With its Travel Planning feature, users can obtain directional guide on how to get from point A to point B.

Travel Planning Feature

Unfortunately, the map used by 701Panduan is not, well, appealing. It should instead do a mashup with Google Maps, something similar to Gothere.

With thousands of directory listings, the company’s monetization strategy is still vague. However, its Terms of Use seems to indicate a plan to become more than just a directory search utility, by evolving into an e-marketplace, “an electronic web-based platform for exchanging information between buyers and suppliers of products and services.” Watch this space!

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  1. Man… I should have hold on to panduan.com back then… looks like this local portal business getting some drives lately…

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