Top 10 Most Interesting Web 2.0 Use by Malaysian Brands

This list offers a glimpse of some of the more interesting use of Web 2.0 by Malaysian brands. It is created after sifting through hundreds of social media ‘initiatives’ listed on the Social Media Malaysia. However, as with any list, there are limitations and this one is no exception. Some of the shortfalls are:

  • Investigation is based on initiatives listed on the Social Media Malaysia.
  • No ‘scientific’ measurement is used to derive the ranking.
  • Caveats aside, the list is a baby step towards a better understanding of the use of Web 2.0 in businesses in Malaysia and hopefully, can inspire more Malaysian companies use them more creatively.

    TOP 10 Web 2.0 Use by Malaysian Brands

    1. Just Plane Thoughts AirAsia blog

    Interestingness: Dynamic concoction of the Good and the Bad

    AirAsia blog contains travel-related stories and announcements, posted by its readers and staff. Started on July 28 2008, the blog now has over 200 postings. Although the blog is moderated, one can read critical feedback about the carrier’s services. Examples: Inaugural Flight to Perth: The Good, The Bad, the Ugly, On Time Performance, Not Again!, Areas for Improvement for AirAsia and Long queue & LCCT.

    The predicament faced by blogger KY during his recent ride on AirAsia, for example, should be posted on Just Plane Thoughts. It provides a golden opportunity for AirAsia to respond and as PR consultant David Lian pointed out, a company can earn its customers’ respect when it is “giving them deep, honest, factual and frank answers and explanations.”

    This Blog clinched the top spot not for its out-of-the-box approach, but for what it symbolizes. Social media is not about unilaterally expressing chiseled and refined brand image to the market. It’s more about engaging customers and prospects in richer interactions. @dannybrown wrote it well on Twitter: “Your brand is your voice but don’t be afraid to let others shape it.

    2. Secret Recipe Facebook Application

    Interestingness: Brand goes viral on Facebook

    Based on corporate website, this send a vitual gift Facebook application is not created by Secret Recipe, a lifestyle cafe chain, but most likely by its fan. At the time of this posting, it has monthly active users of 25,993 and is Fan’ed by 4,711 people on Facebook. Users use the application to send virtual cheesecakes to their friends (cheesecakes are Secret Recipe’s signature dish). Send to more friend to unlock more gifts. Customer evangelism in action.

    3. @Cziplee on Twitter

    Interestingness: A small bookstore using Twitter

    Cziplee, a book and stationary retailer, uses Twitter to converse with its customers, announce new product arrivals and other tweet-worthy messages. Since started on March 31st 2008, it regularly post Twitter messages. Its much larger competitors – MPH, Times, Popular – have yet to use Twitter. Probably, how Cziplee uses Twitter would excite Evan Williams, CEO of Twitter. During his interview in Churchill Club last December, he said he was more excited about small coffee shop posting daily specials on Twitter, rather than what Starbucks is doing.

    4. Foldees

    Interestingness: Crowdsourcing greeting card designs

    Foldees’ business model depends on user-generated content. This Designer Greeting Cards online store harnesses its community for card designs, ratings and comments (read more about Foldees here).

    5. AirAsia Facebook Fan

    Interestingness: Good use of Facebook Fan page

    With over 13,000 Fans, AirAsia is creating its own micro-community on Facebook. The page is packed with up-to-date content, from contest to photo to video. It also holds activities specially for this community. For example, Its on-going “Tianjin” contest require participants to submit entries on Facebook.

    6. AirAsia Travel Wish List Facebook Application

    Interestingness: Igniting the viral effect on Facebook with a contest

    The “AirAsia Travel Wish List” is a contest jointly organized by AirAsia and Citibank Malaysia on Facebook. Between July 14 2008 and December 25 2008, users who installed the Facebook application can win free tickets; also, if a user managed to get 30 people to install the application on their profile, he received a free return ticket to Langkawi.

    7. all-new, all-you blog

    Interestingness: To facilitate the transition to online banking site version 2.0

    On October 16 2008, Maybank launched the latest iteration of its highly popular online banking website, Any transition period is difficult. So, the largest bank in Malaysia uses blog to communicate with its online banking users and avenue for them to post their opinions and gripes. It also conducted a preview session to selected customers, bloggers and partners, prior to the launch. Not particular active in terms of postings (to date, only a total of 17 blog postings) but the idea behind it and its purpose is good.

    8. BFM 89.9 Podcasts

    Interestingness: Making podcasts social

    BFM 89.9 releases interviews on its radio show as podcasts and allows listeners to comment and rating of each podcast. It makes the audio clips embeddable and anyone can take any audio clip and post it on website or blog.

    9. iExpert by

    Interestingness: Q&A platform for real estate matters

    iExpert is used by to complement its property and real estate listings and search services. There are over 500 questions in its database. Anyone can be a resident iExpert and earn points to move the iExpert Rank (each answer can get “thumb up” or “thumb down”).

    10. The Star Citizen Blog

    Interestingness: User-generated news

    The Star, Malaysia’s largest circulated newspaper, provides a blog for anyone to post stories and opinions.

    Action City Facebook Fan : Building a community of toys collectors (specifically [email protected] and Kubrick figurines) on Facebook
    Malaysia Airlines on Twitter: Malaysia’s largest airline on Twitter
    The Edge Malaysia on Twitter: The first Malaysian Newspaper Actively Using Twitter

    Let’s Continue the Discourse on Twitter

    Do you agree with the Top 10 list? Which is your favorite Web 2.0 use? Have you seen more interesting examples by Malaysian brands? Use the #myweb2 hashtag to provide feedbacks and answer the questions on Twitter. I’ll be following and responding to all feedback with my Twitter account, @limyh.

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