The Edge on the Fringe of Web 2.0

Tag cloud. Podcasts. RSS feeds. These are some of the new features of the all-new The Edge website and the new website is a significant step forward. Additionally, it is the first major news media organization in Malaysia to use Twitter @edgemy. Also, the new website provides a more organized interface to its readers compared to other major Malaysian news sites – The Star, New Straits Times and The Sun.

The Evolution of The Edge


What’s Next

The Edge needs to discover ways to orchestrate the use of its new tools to engage its readers and socialize its news contents. To build a community, it requires readers to sign in to search news content and comments on articles. However, The Edge needs to do more to entice readers to register themselves. Maybe it should leverage Facebook Connect to tap into the Facebook community and incorporate the discussion tool like Disqus.

The New York Times should be a good case study on how a mass media organization can stay relevant in today’s age of social media.

Let’s Continue the Discourse on Twitter

What do you think of The Edge’s new website? How can it be used to engage with its readers more effectively? Come chat on Twitter. Find me @limyh.

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