Skittles Brand Goes Anarchy with New Website

SkittlesSkittles candy from Mars has taken its brand to a level where many brands have not gone before. Instead of delivering controlled brand messages on its website, it is transforming the site into a navigator for its social media universe. Particularly impressive is its home page shows chatter about ‘skittles’ on Twitter Search. In such laissez-faire environment, real-time updates streaming on Twitter Search can be both positive and negative mentions.

Here are its social media outposts linked from its navigation menu:

  • Product Information links to Wikipedia
  • Chatter to Twitter Search
  • Friends to Facebook Page
  • Videos to YouTube

Skittles on Flickr


This branding initiative will certainly go ‘viral’, based on its novelty and possibly, PR mileage. It will be an interesting case study on branding in today’s conversational web. It is an experiment on how far a brand can push the social media envelope to engage its customers; also, understanding its challenges and how to best deal with them. Well, let’s see how far this rabbit hole goes.

Let’s Continue the Discourse on Twitter

What do you think this Skittles marketing stunt? Come chat on Twitter; find me @limyh

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  1. A lovely experiment. Brave, but does a brand like Skittles really need the full-blown ‘social media’ treatment? If the point of all the social media buzz is to just get people to look at a bunch of television commercials or Facebook comments, then I guess that’s not really a good point, after all. Just my $0.02.

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