Top 5 Moments of Maxis iPhone 3G Pre-Launch Day

By on March 12, 2009

yellotextMaxis Communications Bhd, Malaysian’s largest mobile communication provider, yesterday announced the launch date of iPhone 3G in Malaysia. Leading up to the announcement, Twitterville is abuzz with chats on its pricing plans and other issues.

If you’ve missed the fun on Twitterville yesterday with #iphonemalaysia, here the Top 5 interesting ‘moments’ of Maxis iPhone 3G Pre-Launch Day, spotted on Twitter (and elsewhere on the Web).


At 10.25 am yesterday, Twitter user @blogjunkie tweeted about an imminent iPhone 3G announcement by Maxis later in the day.

Maxis iPhone

However, as early as February 23 2009, @kamal already heard from his sources about iPhone 3G launch in Malaysia.

Maxis iPhone

I Saw the Sign

The iPhone 3G pages on Maxis’ website went live just after 11am. This is probably the first ‘official’ sign confirming the impending annoucement.

Maxis iPhone

Oops! It’s Temporary Unavailable

However, the iPhone 3G site went offline after it went live. When it came back online in the afternoon, its pricing plan is slightly different from its earlier version.

Maxis iPhone

Amusing Ads

It’s quite amusing to read the copy of this Google Ads of Maxis iPhone 3G (particularly “Malaysia Phone from Maxis.”

Maxis iPhone

Opinionated Tweets

There are over 250 tweets with hashtag #iphonemalaysia; the hashtag made to the Top 10 Trending topics on Twitter Search.

Maxis iPhone

It’s quite a challenge to create marketing buzz around iPhone 3G phone, as it’s on the market since July 2008. Maxis should instead create a buzz around what it can control, such as its pricing plan. But, based on reactions from many Twitter users, its pricing plan failed to excite. What do you think? How do you think Maxis can leverage on social media for its iPhone 3G official launch in Malaysia on March 20 2009? Share your thoughts on Twitter; find me @limyh

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