Send Printed Greeting Card Without Postal Details with Foldees @ddress

Foldees Foldees, the on-going greeting cards contest website, just released its latest feature, @ddress Directory. With @ddress, it is now possible to send Foldees greeting card without knowing the recipient’s mailing address. Also, anyone can receive printed cards from online friends or admirers, without revealing personal information like mailing address.

Foldees @ddress: Email Goes Postal

Card sender enters the intended recipient’s email address during card customization process. If the email is not listed in the @ddress Directory, Foldees will request the recipient to enter mailing address at Foldees website. FoldeesOnce the email is in the @ddress Directory, anyone can send her a Foldees card (of course, as long as he knows her email address).

Email addresses in the Directory are searchable but users can set the display name and choose whether to reveal city /state details or not. Full mailing addresses are always hidden.

In addition to email, Foldees should extend @ddress to social networking services. It is probably easier to ask someone for her email address or social network IDs compared to postal addresses. @ddress may be an interesting service to send printed greeting cards to friends on Facebook, Twitter, Senatus, LinkedIn, et al.

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  1. This is a pretty cool feature! Its kinda embarrassing to ask someone for their address when you want to send them a card as a surprise! I wonder how the actual process of asking the recipient is like. Anyone wants to send me a card? 😉

  2. When you want to send someone a card, you fill in the recipient’s email address.

    Foldees will then send a friendly email to that person, saying that someone wants to send them a card, and their address is required.

    You can choose to remain anonymous, or to ensure some form of trust, reveal a little bit about yourself.

  3. hahahah… thanks mike. There’s a vacancy in our PR department if you’re interested.

    Chee Ming, why don’t you try the service out? You don’t need to pay for the card until the other party confirms his/her address!

  4. hahahaha…. we might, very soon! You should check out his webpage too man… his booth was next to mine at Unconference.

    Speaking of which, we posted about it already on our blog. We’re damn impressed with singaporean startups. Seriously.

    Oh yea, and thanks so so much for posting this up!

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