This Is NOT Your Plain Old Road Safety Campaign

Malaysians Unite for Road SafetyThe Malaysians Unite for Road Safety (MUFORS) website is created to raise the awareness of road safety. According to the Road Safety Department, a daily average of 18 are killed on Malaysian roads due to road mishaps!

So, the call-for-action MUFORS website invites users to submit their pledges; be the change agent. Pledges can be made in the forms of text messages (SMS), photo or videos. Those who made the pledges are expected to honor them on September 09 2009, designated as Malaysians Unite for Road Safety day. This road safety campaign comes with social media ingredients – YouTube, Facebook, news feed, rating and poll.

As the time of this posting, MUFORS garnered over 99,000 pledges. And it’s unclear who’s behind this initiative and kudos to them. Anyway, go make your pledge today (I’ve just made mine).


UPDATE: This campaign started on August 18 2009 and supported by highway operator, PLUS and its partners. Thanks @feistyflo.

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  1. This is definitely a change from the usual “talk-down-to-you” road safety campaigns we’re all familiar with.

    There are no rewards, no incentives. Just your conscience and initiative to contribute. So far, people from different ethnicity have contributed. Pardon this overused pun, but it’s really 1Malaysia. 🙂

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