What’s Now, What’s Next for Social Networking: Ian Stewart, Friendster (with audio clips)

Ian Stewart, Head of Asia, Friendster gave a keynote address at the recent Social Media World Forum Asia in Singapore. From his presentation, we can learn that Friendster is positioning themselves as the social network for youth. That’s why his presentation is packed with data from MTV survey on online activities of young people. Some of his predictions for social networks in 2010 are more focus on teens & tweens, virtual currencies, social shopping, more monetization models and cross platform aggregation (see below for complete list).

He also mentioned Twitter in 2006 is the “last time there has been a significant web application that comes along the social media space and captivated the whole world.” Interesting observation. Anyway, here are audio snippets from his keynote, accompanied by his slides.

Overview of Social Media landscape



What’s Hot, What’s Not



How many friends do you have?



Youth and Social Networks



Age Groups and Social Networks



Web Evolution


Picture 4

Maturing Social Networks


Picture 5

TechCrunch Quote


Picture 11

The Road Ahead for Social Networks


Picture 12

The Shifts



You can view Ian Stewart’s entire presentation slides here.

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