Don’t Know Much About RoyalPlaza on Scotts Hotel But I Think They Serve Good Tweets

logobigSome companies get its right when it comes to conversing on Twitter. I’ve never experience the hospitality of the RoyalPlaza on Scotts hotel in Singapore. But on Twitter, I’ve some pleasant ‘conversations’ with @royalplazatweet. Late one night a few weeks ago, I tweeted RoyalPlaza to obtain its room rates. Shortly, I received a Direct Message from the hotel asking me for more details e.g. check-in date and duration of stay.  The next morning, the hotel tweeted me again with their best promotional rate. I’m pleasantly surprised by its fast responses. But eventually, I didn’t stay at the hotel.

On October 2 2009, it launched ‘Follow and Retweet us on Twitter‘ contest. Weekly winners get free vouchers; monthly winners get free stays at the hotel. But I think its Grand Chrismas prize is the main attraction: 3Days-2Nights stay at its newly renovated Executive Room, MacBook and iPod.

RoyalPlaza sent me ‘this might interest you’ tweet, informing me about the contest. Most likely, @royalplazatweet remembered the past conversations I had with them and noted my interest in their hotel rooms. I found the tweet relevant to me (so will its customers and prospects).

Key takeaways:

  • Branding through conversations Twitter allows companies to stay in touch with its customers and prospects. Through conversations with customers and prospects, you can impress upon them your brand promise and image. This posting is mainly motivated the pleasant conversation this author had with @royalplazatweet. Probably, with more great conversations with more people, more mentions in social media space. Result: Free publicity.
  • Serve contextual tweets Over time, you can get better understandings of your community members on Twitter. Each with specific needs and interests, in relation to your products.
  • Response to tweets, fast Be responsive in your tweets. Even when you don’t have the answer with the queries, it’s good to let those who tweeted that you’ve read their tweets and will get back to them, as soon as they can.
  • Growing community needs enticements Contests seem to be a popular method to entice people to increase Followers count on Twitter. But its effectiveness is still debatable, as it works for some but not others. For @royalplazatweet, its number of Followers has been steadily increasing since the contest started.

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  1. you wow us too with this great article! we will strive even harder to do all we can for you! hopefully we will be able to meet you at RP some day! do give us your feedback!

  2. The Royal Plaza on Scotts continues to innovate within the social media space by being the first hotel to integrate their Twitter feed directly into the “Hotel Spotlights” on travel meta-search site (where I work).

    Through this integration Royal Plaza on Scotts ensures their latest promotions and consumer messages are front and center when users are shopping for a Singapore hotel.

    You can see them featured at the URL below when you mouse over the Royal Plaza on Scotts “Hotel Spotlight”:

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