Through My Window, I Can See A Silhouette of A Social Media Campaign

EveryoneConnectsA Green Day-esque song played on radio this morning, titled Through My Window (click to play), with artist name undisclosed but DJ @rudyculously mentioned a website address, On the website, there’s not much information except the MP3 file of the song (available for free download), together with the song lyric. Its “What’s the Buzz?” box is displaying Twitter updates stream. Also, there are links to its Twitter, Facebook and Friendster profile pages. And this phrase is seen at the bottom of the page, “Everyone Connects is about getting people to communicate & collaborate because when everyone’s connected, anything is possible.”


Song as teaser, Twitter stream on website and profile pages on social networks – ingredients for brewing a groundswell? At the time of this posting, Twitter, Facebook and Friendster pages are still relatively empty. Search the Whois database and the record shows the domain ‘’ was created on September 29, 2009 and is registered to Monster Interactive Sdn Bhd (the interactive agency for this campaign?).


‘Through My Window’, part of Microsoft Windows 7 campaign? Or is it for a music-centric social networking site? Or is it by a communication/colloration software solution provider? Or is it… Anyway, let your imagination run amok and enter your wild guess in the 1Question Survey form below.

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  1. hey Josh,

    Thanks for your feedback. I’ll look into the flash player. I’ve tried the player; the song was playing while it’s loading the rest. Hmm..

    Yunghui Lim

  2. @io hey what rip off you talking about .. . banner concerts are an innovative media format. next you will say that making a TVC is a rip off or sing a light box for advertising is a rip off! cMON dude get your facts right. even they have said on everyoneconnects that it is a good idea which they have brought to malaysia.

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