I Don’t Use Windows, IE and Bing BUT I Don’t Think Microsoft Will Give a Shit

windows_7_logoToday is the launch of Windows 7. I don’t think I’ll purchase a copy, as I’m still enjoying the Mac experience. But I don’t think Microsoft will really care much. Let’s look at these stats:

  • Despite being branded a failure, there are 350 million PCs with Vista.
  • Windows 7 been winning positive reviews.
  • Bing is gaining market share at 9% of search share. When Yahoo! started using Bing across its many properties, Bing’s search share could jump to 30%.
  • Despite the economic downturn, Microsoft can still afford to spend $9 billion on research and development.
  • Various versions of Windows run on more than 95% of all PCs; the remaining are being shared by Mac, Linux,..
  • Microsoft to spend up to $11 billion on its new search engine, Bing.
  • Microsoft still with annual net income of $15 billion; many expect Windows division to earn $11 billion in profit for fiscal year 2010.
  • It has CASH reserves at over $20 billion.
  • It has market capitalization of $230 billion (Google with $158 billion).
  • Browser IE still with over 60% of market share (Firefox in distant second at 23%)

All (almost) of the above details were derived from an article in the latest Fortune mag (Oct 26 2009 issue), titled Microsoft Reboots.


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  1. Bing is crap! I’m not a big one for marketing and names and all that stuff so I couldn’t really care about the name “Bing” In fact, it sounds ok to me… But I don’t have a gripe with the glitzy naming or promotion, what I care about is what’s under the bonnet… And quite frankly, it is garbage!

    Every website I create get’s instantly indexed in both Google and Yahoo, yet never gets indexed in Bing until I shout and scream in their community forums and Brett Yount manually adds it!

    How do they expect to be successful with this type of activity… And all the forum experts say “focus on building quality backlinks” – bullshit! I’m not asking to be number one…I’m asking to be indexed… a process that Yahoo and Google have no problem doing…I will focus on backlinks in my efforts to be at the top of the SERPs but that is secondary to just being listed!

    Think about it, a small business owner who is focussing energy on a website (growing numbers of businesses focussing efforts online)…
    I have a website and Bing doesn’t index it…
    1. I’m never going to use Bing because it won’t list my site
    2. I’m never going to tell anyone else to use Bing because they wont find me there

    They’re shooting themselves in the foot by making getting listed so difficult!

    There is clearly a major issue with their index and it either can’t keep up or is very buggy… What’s even worse is I have seen in my logs that the MSN Bot has visited my site 5-6 times… And I still can’t get listed… So in other words, it knows I exist, it has crawled my site, yet it still won’t list me…

    Boo Bing!

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