Twitter vs Facebook Face/Off For #EveryoneConnects

face-offEnd of Day 3 for EveryoneConnects, the website has more than 18,000 visits (as mentioned on its Facebook Page). It started on Monday with a mysterious song ‘Through My Window’, being played over the airwaves. The following day, it made the headline in The Star newspaper. Day 3, blurred images appeared on the website; likely the band singing the song.

Its Twitter account @every1connects with 184 followers; averaging 61 new followers per day over the past 3 days. The two key hashtags used are #ThroughMyWindow and #EveryoneConnects with the following stats:

  • #ThroughMyWindow: a total 236 tweets from 154 contributors carrying the hashtag; averaging 33.7 tweets per day. And 10.6% are retweets.
  • #EveryoneConnects: a total of 243 tweets from 165 contributors; averaging 34.7 tweets per day. And 5.8% are retweets. (Source: What’s The Hashtag?!)

Facebook | Everyone Connects

On Facebook, there are already 947 fans on its Facebook Page (as of early this morning).. and before the week is over, I believe it can breach the 1,000-mark. To date, only 13 updates on its Wall. From these 13 updates, it generated a total of 94 comments. That’s average 7.2 comments per update!

What we can learn:

  1. It is relatively easier to expand your community on Facebook compared to Twitter. Then, maybe it’s easier to go ‘viral’ on Facebook.
  2. Facebook Wall with more richer contents (photo, video), which act as effective social objects for people to make spontaneous responses and also, engaging people and elicit their comments.
  3. Higher re-tweet rate is useful for a hashtag can go viral. Or is it? Looking at the example of the SharePoint Conference 2009 in Las Vegas with hashtag #spc09, which was in the Top 10 Trending early this morning (2am, Malaysian time), the retweet is 17.1% out of 12,020 tweets. In terms of retweet, both #ThroughMyWindow and #EveryoneConnects are not far off, 10.6% and 5.8% respectively. Both didn’t make it to the Top 10 trending but #throughmywindow was Trending in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Monday 19 2009; #throughmywindow was number two after ‘beyonce’ (Source: Trendsmap). Retweet help but it’s not really a critical factor. In the case of #spc09, total tweet per day is more than 1,700 tweets; each contributor averaging 7.2 tweets. Yes, to make it to Trending, you just need sheer number of people tweeting, at any one time.

Verdict: From reach and richness perspectives: Reach refers to total number of followers/fans and richness refers to the dynamics of engagements and conversations. In the case of EveryoneConnects, on both reach and richness dimensions, Facebook wins!

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