A Good Use of Twitter List by P1

p1Using Twitter List, Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, or P1, created ‘a complete list of everyone on P1 and GP‘ who are using Twitter. This is one of the interesting uses of List by a Malaysian company. For P1, it is probably a first step for something more interesting. This reminded me of Zappos’s Employee Tweets page. Like Zappos, P1 can start leveraging on its employees to engage and sustain relationships with customers and prospects. Malaysian mobile service provider, DiGi too is already doing it. In Social Media Club – Kuala Lumpur meeting #1, Azizi Jennis (Head of Online Services, DiGi) mentioned about DiGi leveraging on its employees to evangelize its brand name.

When it comes to building a community of evangelists, most companies naturally start by going ‘outside’ the corporate wall i.e. engaging with influencers, bloggers, etc. Why not start with employees? Use them as seeders and spreaders of your brand story. After all, there’s a blurring of work and play in the social media space. Leverage on what you have and can control. Organic evangelism, it is!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this Lim.

    I agree – great way for companies to leverage on what they already have. In this social media world we are living in, personalities count for so much. So why not use the resources in hand.

    Of course, I hope companies will realise this and start also rewarding their employees who are able to contribute to the organisation in more ways that have traditionally been done.

  2. If anyone on the P1 list can help with customer related issues and not say “it’s not my problem, please call customer service” then kudos to P1.

    I also expected a more interesting list from P1 like the directors of 15Malaysia for example.

    Or create an imaginary list of characters from their potong commercial like what AMC has done with Mad Men. Not saying P1 should copy but from what I can see in their potong campaign, I think P1 can afford to be more daring and innovative in its use of social media. Even with a simple feature like twitter list.

    Come on P1, push the boundaries.

  3. @Carolyn I believe this list is to meet a different objective. Not just customer service as highlighted by you. It’s a list where everyone of the public can transparently see what is being talked about by employees in a highly tight-lipped industry, in real-time.

    As an employee of a large corporation I am happy to be given this trust. Besides, it’s also a great internal list for us to meet our twitting colleagues in different departments, worldwide.

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