The Anatomy of #EveryoneConnects

connections_tmToday is the finale event of the Everyone Connects campaign by Telekom Malaysia (TM). The campaign revolved around a song titled Through My Window, performed by a local indie band, Bunkface. The song was released on October 19 2009 as a mystery song over the airwaves. During the past 1 month, it generated thousands of mentions on the social media space and also generated over 6000 user-generated versions of the song (audio and video). This campaign is both ambitious in scale and expansive in scope, designed to deliver a fresh narration to the TM brand. When it started, I predicted Everyone Connects as a social media campaign but it also involved the use of traditional media like TV, radio and newspapers. It delicately weave the online and offline activities to create a seamless brand experience. It involves several notable ‘firsts,’ in terms of tools and methods used. Anyway, here are the key moments of the Everyone Connects campaign:

October 19 2009: Mystery Song on Radio
The song ‘Through My Window’ being played over the airwaves (HITZfm, HOTfm, Xfm) – hear Rudy of HITZfm announced it. No mention of the singer. The website ‘’ with the song (for download) and lyric. Also, with this phrase “Everyone Connects is about getting people to communicate & collaborate because when everyone’s connected, anything is possible.” Twitter, Facebook and Friendster profile pages also went live.

October 20 2009: The Star newspaper
Appeared on the front-page of The Star, “Unknown song rocks the nation.”
Through My Window on The Star

October 21 2009: Pixelated Images
Blurred images of the band who sang ‘Through My Window’ appeared on Everyone Connects’ website.

October 23 2009: The Revelation
It’s TM campaign. TV commercial started to appear in the evening on major TV networks.

Full version of launched.
Banner concert appeared on the website too; the first time it is being used in Malaysia. Also, there’s an online mixer for people to create and mashup the song ‘Through My Window.”

October 25 2009: Super Dance Online Extreme Connecting Dancers Tournament 2009 Kick-off
The tournament is designed to reach out and engage the online games community, specifically the 150,000-strong Super Dance Online Extreme players around Malaysia. This is the first time a campaign song is inserted into the game’s playlist.

October 25 2009: Sing Along Booths
Sing Along Booths appeared at shopping malls, universities/colleges, office buildings and cinemas. Videos of people singing were recorded and posted on

November 21 2009: The Grand Finale
Today is the grand finale event for the month-long Everyone Connects campaign; currently happening at Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Some before-event photos:

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  1. Nice ad! 😉 “delicately weave the online and offline activities to create a seamless brand experience”. wow. So did your (or anybody else’s) perception about TM change after this? If not, then the (ad) campaign obviously didn’t do a thing to influence brand perception, right?

    C’mon. People will always love music, songs and concerts. It has nothing to do with the brand. @NajibRazak could host a concert and a million people will show up; okay, and maybe also “generated thousands of mentions on the social media space”. But will people change their minds about 1Malaysia?

    So what’s the “brand experience” here? Well, people had fun. Loved the songs. Scratched heads over the mysterious tagline. Thanks for spending the money. But streamyx still sucks. And the brand manager goes, “Opps, we forgot to talk about KPI”

  2. Totally agree with Ben, EveryoneConnects is a traditional campaign in social media marketing’s clothing!

    They made good use of social media channels but failed to really engage on a *meaningful* level beyond music and fun.

  3. What really pissed me off is that this is not a EVERYONE CONNECTS CAMPAIGN.
    ITS A “EVERYONES IDEA CAMPAIGN” and just change the logo?


    T-MOBILE’S 2nd campaign!

    Im really disappointed with the creative team that did it.
    The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. – Albert Einstein

  4. Hey Ben,

    Thank you for your comment.

    “Brand experience” should be read as brand story. They are projecting ‘everyone connects’; the campaign is NOT about shouting to the world ‘streamyx is the best broadband connection.’

    I see the campaign as is, telling a brand story to the market. Back to basics: TM is about connecting everyone, which is Chapter 1. I hope the next chapter will be about how well TM enables the connections, which many find lacking.

    I really hope this is just beginning for TM’s quest to rejuvenate its brand and leadership, especially in the broadband space.


  5. Hi Jarrod,

    Banner concerts are being used elsewhere, no doubt. So is mass karaoke.

    Conclusion: There’s no originality among many brand advertisers out there these days. TV, radio – been there, don’t that. Even Twitter and Facebook, been there, done that.

    I think we should assess the tools, in terms of how it blends into the campaign and how well it supports the theme and brand story, NOT it terms of its originality in usage. IMHO 🙂


  6. Noor,

    KPIs for social media are still a slippery concept. There’s none widely accepted standards of measurement. For now, define goals and measure outcomes against it. That’s the best one can do for now.


  7. @Jarrod in that way every idea is a taken from some previously tried means. You give me one original idea and i am sure somebody had thought of that before it was implemented. 90% of the brands use either slimming,whitening, making you smarter / brighter , getting you connected , making your life easier / faster and various iterations of the above . Are there any other value propositions that anyone offers ?

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