Southeast Asia Is The Epicenter of Mobile Web: Opera Report

mobile webAccording to the latest Opera Mobile Report, Southeast Asia experienced the highest annual growth for mobile web usage. Opera is tracking users of Opera Mini, its browser for mobile. The latest November 2009 report shows Southeast Asia led in every category of growth, in terms of page view (575%), unique users (362%) and data transfer (580%). Worldwide, Opera Mini users jumped to 41.7 million in November 2009, from 16.4 million last November.

Southeast Asia countries are Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei, Laos, Cambodia, East Timor and Myanmar. Countries like Malaysia and Singapore are already with over 100% mobile phone penetration rate. And with the proliferation of mobile broadband adoption and popularity of smartphones, the next growth engine for the mobile industry is indeed, the mobile web.

Opera Regional Growth, November 2008 -  November 2009

Source: State of the Mobile Web, November 2009

Mobile web image: Taken without permission from World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

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