Swivel Screen and Stylus Are Ancient; Get Ready to Hover and Gesture

New Scientist looks at Apple filed patents for hints on the upcoming Apple tablet. One is hover, under filing In addition to touch, users can hover over an element on the screen to activate it. Patents Filing: Simultaneous Sensing Arrangement with “touch sensing devices can include multiple sense points, each located at a crossing of a drive line and a sense line.” and just granted patent, Noise Detection in Multi-touch Sensors as “touch sensing devices can include multiple sense points, each of which can be stimulated with a plurality of periodic waveforms having different frequencies to measure a touch value at the sense point. Noise at one or more of the frequencies can interfere with this measurement.”

Second is gestures, where users interact with onscreen elements using gestures. Patents filing: Multi-Touch Gestures Dictionary that “..include a variety of motions associated with the chord and the meanings of gestures formed from the chord and the motions” and Swipe Gestures for Touch Screen Keyboards which “allow for a user entering text using the virtual keyboard to perform certain functions using swipes across the key area rather than tapping particular keys.”

Let’s wait and see if these features are available in Apple’s latest creation. ¶ @zhiQ

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