Twitter “Local Trends” Not Localized for Asia Yet

This morning, Twitter Local Trends is activated on my Twitter profile. Twitter officially roll-out the feature to limited users on January 22 2010. By now, the feature is already available to most users. Users can choose to set Trending, by Country or City. Unfortunately, none from Asia. For now, only 6 countries are available for selection – US, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Ireland, Canada. There’s a total of 15 cities, all US cities except two (Sao Paulo and London).

Local Trends is a natural evolution for the Twitter’s Geotagging, which “attach a longitude and latitude to all of your tweets” and was released in August 2009. Prior to Twitter’s geotag APIs, there’s already an application (one of a handful) called TwitterLocal that filter tweets by location, by “caching all tweets with valid location.” Now, Twitter goes meta with Trending topics for each location.

With its API, Twitter is already making it easier for people to publish status and follow updates. To date, there are 50,000 apps have been developed around Twitter platform. These days, it’s about organizing and making sense of streams of chatters, rants, etc. Google’s goal is “to organize the world’s information to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” For Twitter, it’s about enabling the emergence of the real time web and now, organizing the real time web’s information and making them useful. ¶ @zhiQ

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