tab tab Opera Mini: how many is too many on iPhone?

The newly released Opera Mini offers an alternative web browser for iPhone users. Until the roll-out of iPhone 4.0, tabbed browsing is probably the closest thing to multi-tasking experience on the iPhone. Opera’s tabbed browsing offers a tad different experience, compared to Safari browser. Safari adopts a zoom-out-flip-select-zoom-in approach whereas Opera Mini offers, well, tabs.

On Safari browser, the maximum number of tabs open at once is 8. For Opera Mini iPhone app, the maximum total tabs I managed to open is 38. Maybe that’s the maximum tabs, set by Opera. Maybe, it’s because with more tabs, the add-tab section becomes narrower until it becomes the untouchable zone.

With 10 tabs, it’s still easy to switch between tabs (see image below). But beyond 15 tabs, it’s becoming harder to tap the tabs. Also, tabs arrangement tends to disarray whenever you switch tabs. So, it doesn’t mean you can have many, many tabs open, you should. For Opera Mini iPhone app, the optimum number of tabs lies in between 10 and 15.

On Becoming Untouchable Tabs on Opera Mini iPhone

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