Snacksquare spotted only one Foursquare special in Malaysia

Checkins. Swarms. Now, run specials on Foursquare to reward your regulars. A newly launched site, Snacksquare, makes it easy to search or discover specials on Foursquare, in cities across the globe. Snacksquare is “a business directory for Foursquare” and “based on deep integration with the newly available Foursquare API.” It is still in beta.

On Snacksquare’s localized page, there’s only one business venue running specials in Malaysia – a food stall at Ramal Junction Food Court in Kajang, Selangor. The food stall offers discount to Mayor and regulars. The rising popularity of Foursquare will encourage more Malaysian retailers to creatively use the location-based social network for their marketing. With the wider availability of GPS-enabled devices, location-based advertising is becoming a reality. A few months ago, Singapore-based Chlkboard launched its service that enables local retailers to send promotion to people nearby the store. With Foursquare releasing all its venue data, we can expect to see more location-based services emerging from the Foursquare ecosystem.

Foursquare Specials in Malaysia

A special ‘coupon’ on Snacksquare

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  1. That’s pretty cool. I can feel Foursquare getting more and more popular – I have to filter out all my Foursquare friend requests from my inbox otherwise it will be overwhelming.

    Another thing – how does a business create a special?

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