105,779,710 users and new estimates of Twitter users in Asia

By on April 20, 2010

At Chirp, Twitter revealed its total registered users – 105,779,710. With this ‘official’ figure, let’s take another stab at estimating total Twitter users in Asia. This is a revised estimates to the previous posting, Twitter in Asia, by Country. The estimates now is based on the ‘official’ total registered Twitter users and Twitter population’s percentage breakdown, by country (source: Sysomos).

During Chirp, co-founder @ also revealed that 75% of Twitter traffic comes from outside Twitter.com. So, Fred Wilson’s argument that “Twitter ecosystem is about 3x Twitter.com” seems to apply. However, comScore’s estimate of 60 million unique visitors at Twitter.com may be way off! The use of the 60-million figure in my previous estimates resulted in inflated estimates of Twitter population in Asia.

With the use new official total registered users, the new estimates of total Twitter users in each country are reduced by roughly half (compared to my previous estimates). Maybe now, the estimates are closer to reality.

Asian Countries, by % of Twitter Users and Total Users

No. Country % of Twitter Users
(Sysomos report)
Estimated Total Twitter Users
1 Indonesia 2.34 2,475,245
2 Japan 1.47 1,554,962
3 India 0.97 1,026,063
4 Singapore 0.88 930,861
5 Philippines 0.85 899,128
6 Malaysia 0.47 497,165
7 Thailand 0.30 317,339
8 China 0.23 243,293
8 South Korea 0.23 243,293

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