Blending social networking and e-commerce in Multiply Marketplace

Facebook is on a growth rampage in most parts of the world, but other social networks are crafting niche identities to define their competitive advantage and some are these not-Facebook social networks are thriving. For Multiply social network, it is in a sweet spot when it comes to social shopping. Now, Multiply Marketplace has over 41,000 merchants, mainly located in the Southeast Asia countries – Phillippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. These micro-merchants use Multiply to setup their online storefronts to take orders (and currently, payments happen outside Multiply network).

“We have only just begun to offer tools and support to the growing community of sellers and buyers doing business on Multiply,” said , president and founder of Multiply. “We now have the largest number of online storefronts in the region. Going forward, our primary focus will be to make the Marketplace the premier social shopping destination on the web, making shopping easier, safer, faster and more entertaining.” In coming months, Multiply plans to upgrades its Marketplace with integrated payment system with expanded set of payment methods (including offline payments), shopping cart, self-serve advertising, seller rating system, promotional programs to increase traffic to shops and trusted seller program.

Multiply already been praised for its integrated media management feature and the social shopping function is the latest addition to the social network. The social shopping feature is a natural progression for Multiply, as it continues to craft and define its key distinctive advantages in the increasingly competitive social networking service marketspace.

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