Twitter vs. Tweetbeat: We have a winner

The real-time World Cup 2010 tweets face-off – World Cup What’s Happening? by Twitter vs. Tweetbeat by Kosmix. And Tweetbeat win by streaming more quality tweets. On Twitter’s World Cup What’s Happening, there’s a higher tendency to see hashtags-filled tweets (users populated their tweets with three letter acronyms of World Cup countries). Only tweets in the Top Tweets section are useful and humanly readable.

On the other hand, Tweetbeat delivers better streams of tweets. In addition, each tweet is accompanied by ‘bio’ and ‘total followers’ of the tweeter. Kosmix, the company behind Tweetbeat, is applying its semantic search technology to Tweetbeat. According to Kosmix co-founder Anand Rajaraman, Tweetbeat “creates real-time clusters of tweets, based on semantic similarity” and “rank stories using a combination of many different real-time signals.” Tweetbeat also use “a variety of signals to compute a real-time influence score for every active twitter user” (Source: TechCrunch). Auto-curating torrential streams of Twitter updates enables Tweetbeat to stream better ‘quality’ tweets. Below are screenshots of Twitter and Tweetbeat, both with “England” tweets – and tweets on Tweetbeat are more contextually meaningful:

On Twitter’s World Cup What’s Happening

On Kosmix’s Tweetbeat

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