Twitter already showcasing its Multiple-Author functionality

Back in April 20 2010 during an interview on CBS, Twitter co-founder said:

…We do have a plan for creating commercial accounts.. especially for organizations and companies really want to know how my tweets doing? Am I effectively using the product to reach my constituents, if I’m a politician. Or sell more shoes if I’m an online retailer? Or just am I getting the words out?

We want to do is to create this commercial account that essentially provide a few different things. This is in testing right now, with a few hundred different organizations and companies. Some of the features that would be an analytic dashboard, something that really tells you a lot about… how many people are clicking on a link that I sent out in my last tweet, how many people are re-tweeting it, starring it. The dashboard basically gives you visibility into your success of using Twitter.

Another feature that we included in that is the ability to have multiple authors on one Twitter account. So, if you’re a company like Starbucks, you want twelve people updating the feeds, you can allow that. You’ll see at the bottom which employee wrote the tweet.

Things like that are coming and it actually feathers in very nicely with the Promoted Tweets platform because obviously, if you going to pay for Promoted Tweets, you going to want to know how they are doing, so you either spend more money or spend less money, accordingly.

Excerpt of Biz Stone’s interview:


In the interview, Biz mentioned two features of its commercial accounts – analytic and multiple-author. Twitter’s acquisition of Smallthought (maker of Trendly) on June 10 2010 further strengthen its analytic capabilities. For multiple-author functionality, we can already see it in action on official page (see screenshot below):

Goodbye, CoTweet and HootSuite?

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