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By on November 11, 2010 allows you to easily share nuggets of information (called “snips”) on your social streams – Facebook and Twitter. To share a section of text from a web page, you typically copy the text and then paste it the status updates box of your Facebook (together with the URL) or use bookmarklet to share the link on Twitter (but limited to 140 characters). makes social sharing a more pleasant experience.

You can start using service (still in alpha stage) without creating an account. To share your snips, you login to your Facebook and/or Twitter account. Enter address of a web page into the URL bar and click Next to start snipping. A Snip box will pop-up and highlight the text you want to share on your Twitter and/or Facebook streams (see below image). You can accompany the text with an image from the webpage (this makes your snip on Facebook Wall more visually appealing) and also add comments to your snips. Besides the website, you can use its bookmarklet to snip. Others can view and subscribe to your snipstream (your snip updates) on website. is a simple service and a useful companion for web browsing, particularly to share your serendipitous discovery on Facebook and Twitter. It reminded me of (launched in 2008 and apparently inaccessible now), which allows you to capture text, images and videos on web pages. So, how is different from Snipd? Co-founder and CEO Zal Bilimoria wrote this on Quora: is a simple way to consume and share what matters to you. We are designing the site to make it look and feel like a “web app” interface where you can more efficiently view your various feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, etc.) directly on by checking out the snips — digestible chunks of info — associated with those links. We have also integrated a bookmarklet experience, similar to, for those users who wish to snip as they browse the web.

There are some shortcomings with, considering it is still in the alpha. Some wishlist items for its beta version:

  • Better interface design for snipstream, to enhance browsing and navigation experience.
  • Easier to re-share others’ snips on my Facebook and Twitter
  • Vanity URL for user profile
  • Ability to publish snips on Facebook Page.

Image credits: Edward Scissorhands – 20th Century Fox

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