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Over the past months, there has been a rapid emergence of various permutation of local deals startups. And GetToDo is joining the party. Still in the alpha stage, GetToDo sort of live streams deals and promotions, based on the users’ interests (what), time (when) and location (where). Essentially, it is trying to solve this problem, “What are the recommended best deals nearby me now?”

Leveraging on geolocation feature of modern browsers, the website displays latest deals in your area. You can easily change location to see deals in other places. There are two display modes – Timeline mode (a’la Plurk) and Map mode (see below images). Merchants can submit their promotions to be featured on GetToDo, for free. As of now, there is no self-service module for merchants. At this budding phase of GetToDo, the team is actively curating deals listed on the website.

GetToDo in Timeline mode

GetToDo in Map mode

Expectedly, this nascent web service has several shortcomings and challenges, namely:

  • As of now, most deals are around the Petaling Jaya area, not Kuala Lumpur. The website needs do provide more good deals and promotions to grow its user-base and enhance stickiness. Its functional utility correlates positively to total number of good deals at any point in time, frequency of new deals posted and geographical spread of deals.
  • Timeline mode is interesting way to display deals but it still needs more aesthetic enhancement. Also, the switch to Map mode button is not obvious enough.
  • Recommendation is something GetToDo will launch in the coming weeks. It will display deals, based on users’ interests. So, even if a user is in an area with no deal, the system can still recommend and display to her deals available in nearby areas.
  • How to scale up the accumulation of deals from retailers throughout Malaysia (and the region)? At some point, GetToDo will release module for merchants to manage their daily offers. When this happens, how will it ensure the display the quality deals on its website?
  • GetToDo needs a mobile app, as the app can offer users more seamless local deals discovery experience (using GPS-enabled smartphones).

GetToDo is developed by Malaysia-based startup, Aveniq Sdn Bhd and has launched its alpha at MSC Malaysia MAD TechVenture Conference on November 8, 2010.

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