Zynga Game Cards Now Available in Six Asian Countries

Zynga and MOL AccessPortal today announce the launch of Zynga Game Cards in Asia, which will be available for purchase in more than 500,000 outlets in six Asian countries – Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. (An estimated total of 100.7 million Facebook users in these six Asian countries.)

With the partnership, Zynga leverages MOL’s vast network of physical and online channels to make available the Zynga Game Cards to social gamers across Asia:

  • Popular retail chains such as 7-Eleven stores in Singapore and Malaysia, and Singapore’s Comic Connections;
  • MOL affiliated cybercafés such as India’s Sify Cybercafes, Philippine’s Netopia Internet Cafes and Thailand’s Fun Loader Cybercafes;
  • Electronic payment kiosks, online channels, banking and telco partners such as Malaysia’s Maybank2u, Singapore’s GXCredits and Indonesia’s Gudang Voucher.

MOL will make Zynga Game Cards available in values of US$2, US$5 and US$10. MOL customers can also convert their MOLPoints virtual currency into Zynga Game Cards.

This announcement follows the recent launch of Zynga’s newest game phenomenon, CityVille in Indonesian language marking its first game to be offered in the language and further signifying its dedication to the Asian region.

Prior to this announcement, Zynga Game Cards are already available in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. Zynga also recently announced the launch of its prepaid cards in Latin America.

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