Promoted Tweets gain visibility on new Twitter for iPhone app

Twitter introduces Quick Bar in the latest version 3.3 of Twitter for iPhone app. The Quick Bar displays trending topics (and other updates), including Promoted Tweets. User can slide left or right to see the top 5 trending topics. These trends are based on your location. Local Trends feature is currently available in Argentina, Singapore, India, Indonesia, United States, Turkey, and 14 other countries. If you are in any of these countries, local trends will be shown. Or else, you will see the Worldwide trends.

Another major enhancement is the tweet compose screen. Key functions – @ replies, hashtag, geotag tweets, and attach photo are more easily accessible. Previously, a user needs to tap on the characters counter to access these functions. Only Shrink URLs function is missing in the new compose tweet box. (See image below: Left – Old version of tweet compose screen. Right – new version.)

Making the key functions always-visible is really a nice enhancement for Twitter app. It makes tweeting experience much more sensibly pleasant.

Other enhancements include:

  • Autocomplete [at]usernames and hashtags
  • Direct Message with more conversational experience
  • Find friends from your phone’s contacts

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