Amazon Cloud Drive is a tad bit boring even with 5GB Free Storage

I love Dropbox desktop client, which provides a seamless interface between my MacBook and the cloud. I can manage files from my desktop without the need to launch a browser. (, another virtual storage, comes with desktop client.)

The newly launched Amazon Cloud Drive doesn’t have such desktop client. Users need to access its website to upload and managing of files. This is quite a traditionalist approach to online storage experience. But yes, it offers 5GB free storage space, compared to Dropbox’s 2GB (as a starter, and you can increase your free storage.)

Unlike Dropbox and, it’s not possible to share folders with anyone on Amazon Cloud Drive. I don’t think Amazon will introduce this feature anytime soon. Currently, Amazon is using its online storage to cross-promote its MP3 Store. Currently, anyone who buy an MP3 album from Amazon MP3 Store will get 20GB of storage free for a year. And the ability to share folders on Cloud Drive will encourage illegal music-sharing. Amazon is already trying to sort out legal issues with music labels.

As it is now, the Amazon Cloud Drive is rather boring and plain vanilla. I’m sure the giant of online retail and cloud computing can deliver a much better online storage experience, in the future iterations of Amazon Cloud Drive.

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