Google Nexus S – The Gulfstream 6 of Android smartphones

So what do I think about the Samsung Google Nexus S after two weeks fling?

To quote Depeche Mode, I just can’t get enough. Why? See here, here, here and here and also, here.

Sure, it may be lacking in some departments (which features may be available on its distant cousin, the Samsung Galaxy S). The fact that it runs on an unadulterated version of Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread and that it contains enough technological advancements (such as NFC) to provide its user with a sensual experience makes it more attractive than other available smartphones.

While we were disappointed with some of the camera and video recording features, we were not let down with and highly impressed by the Google Nexus S’ to-die-for 4” Super AMOLED Contour-Shaped screen, its sleek design, its high quality calls thanks to the great noise cancellation and audio hardware and most of all, the speedy interface of Android 2.3.

TIME magazine hailed the Nexus S as the best Android smart phone right now, and they are probably spot on!

Maxis has made the Google Nexus S available to the Malaysian consumer market, so those interested can sign up for a Maxis data plan and purchase the phone with contract. The following options are available:

  • If you take up a 12 month contract, you can purchase the Google Nexus S at RM1799
  • If you take up an 18 month contract, you can purchase the Google Nexus S at RM1699
  • If you take up a 24 month contract, you can purchase the Google Nexus S at RM1499

As for the data plans, the customer may choose between 500MB at RM58, 1.5GB at RM78 or 3GB at RM88. The retail price of the Google Nexus S is RM2499 (however, Maxis has not released any details about purchasing the phone without contract).

The Google Nexus S review series on GreyReview is part of the Maxis10 Reviewers Programme. Participants of this Programme get to test out the Nexus S for 2 weeks and blog about their experiences. GreyReview is honored to be part of this highly engaging initiative by Maxis. Two weeks ago, we were Android virgins. After our sensuous experience with ‘droid, we are feeling so fly like a G6!

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