iPad 2 demand patterns worldwide: An early indication

About 12,000 units of iPad 2 were sold on eBay in two-week period. The eBay’s infographic (as below) shows where all the iPads were delivered to. 65% of the iPads were sold within the US and the remaining went to Europe, Asia, Middle-east and South America.

And here is a list of iPad-crazy nations in Asia, in terms of total iPads purchased on eBay:

  1. Hong Kong: 357 units
  2. Japan: 353
  3. Singapore: 137
  4. Malaysia: 70
  5. South Korea: 62
  6. Thailand: 53
  7. China: 51

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Since Apple doesn’t disclose sales information (yet), this awesome infographic can be a rough indicator for iPad 2 popularity around the world.

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