Google Android desired by consumers; Apple iOS attracted more mobile developers

Android smartphones are becoming more desirable than the iPhones in the US smartphone market, according to the latest survey report by The Nielsen Company. 31% of the respondents in the latest January-March 2011 survey they are planning to get an Android smartphones as their next smartphone, an increase from 26% recorded in July-September 2010. Both RIM and Microsoft came in distant third and fourth, with 11% and 6% respectively.

Nielsen also surveyed those who have purchased a smartphone in the past 6 months. Half of them said they have purchased an Android device. Only 25% have purchased Apple iOS devices, followed by BlackBerry 15% and Windows 7 7%.

Another latest report – Mobile Developer Report found that mobile developers remain bullish about the iOS platform. Appcelerator and IDC surveyed a total of 2,760 Appcelerator Titanium developers in early April 2011. 91% of the developers surveyed are “very interested” in iPhone development and 86% for iPad. For Android, 85% saying they are “very interested” for Android phones and 71% for tablets. Microsoft’s Windows 7 in distant third with 29%.

Mobile Developer Report by Appcelerator / IDC (Full Report)

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