Dancing Google doodle, Martha Graham-esque inspired

Another day, another beautiful doodle by Google, celebrating the birthday of the legendary American dancer choreographer, Martha Graham (May 11, 1894 – April 1, 1991).

The impressive piece of animation is created by a famous artist Ryan Woodward, in collaboration with dancers and choreographers from the Martha Graham Dance Company, New York. The doodle features a series of beautiful animated movements to spell out “Google”.

The Graham’s doodle is a sprite animation. When you are at Google search homepage, a single dancer image will appear. A large image sprite (see below) loads in the background and needs to be loaded first before the animation starts. The entire animation is CSS3 sprite technique to hide the large image at specific parts to create animation effect, according to this article (accessed May 11 2011).

Sprite image of Graham-esque doodle click to enlarge

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