YTL launches Yes Life app for iOS, competing with FaceTime, Skype, Kik, Beluga, etc.

Broadband provider YTL Communications today launches Yes Life for iOS app and making its voice/SMS services available on Apple iOS devices. The app turns iPad and iPod Touch into mobile phones and users can make and receive calls. When someone calls your Yes 018 mobile number, all your iOS devices will ring simultaneously. Quite nifty! Yes Life app is also available on Mac OS and Windows platforms.

By using the Yes Life app, users can avoid roaming charges. The app allows you to make (and receive) carrier-grade calls using any broadband networks – WiFi or 3G (not necessary Yes 4G broadband service). Someone just tested it on McDonald’s WiFi and said “No lag and the voice is quite clear too.” Users can call Malaysian numbers with RM0.09 per minute; RM0.09 for each SMS sent. IDD rate starting from RM0.09 per minute for calls to over 200 countries.

With FaceTime app, iPad and iPod Touch users can already video-chat with one another over Wi-Fi. With mobile social text-messaging tools like Kik Messenger, Mogwee and Facebook’s Beluga, users can exchange instant messages with one another. So, where are the propositions for the Yes Life app? Key differentiators possibly include a personal mobile number, send SMS to other mobile numbers, carrier-grade mobile voice calls, Quality of Service for its 4G network and maybe, app performance.

Looking forward to hear comments from Microsoft/Skype and Viber about these performance results.

Now, Yes Life for iOS app users will get RM5 free credits pre-loaded (valid until July 12 2011). Android and BlackBerry versions will be available soon.

Interfaces of Yes Life app

Some other latest details about the Yes 4G services:

  • Since March 2011, data volume increased by 117% (from 104TB to 226TB), voice by 75% (from 1 Million minutes to 1.75 million minutes) and SMS messages sent by 28% (from 670,000 to 859,000).
  • Yes Life for PC, downloaded 55,000 times already.
  • Yes network with 1700 base stations, to date.

Yes Life video

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