Expecting Kung Fu moves from Tourism Malaysia’s RM1.8 million social media play

Malaysian Ministry of Tourism has just (soft) launched its Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia Facebook Page. It also announced its online dance contest on Facebook, called Citrawarna 1Malaysia. The online game is mainly used to grow fan base, in preparation to the official launch of the Facebook Page in June 2011.

The Tourism Malaysia Page is (probably) still in beta and if I may suggest some areas for enhancements:

Like-gate. Duh!

The Page greets users with a like-gate with quite an unwelcome message (seriously). I’m not against like-gate and yes, Tourism Malaysia is gearing to hit a respectable fans figure before the Page’s official launch in June. But at least come up with better copy. Maybe this can be a good inspiration:

Like-gate, Zappos-style

Also, after someone clicked Like, please display a better ‘incentive’ than this (see below):

After-like on Tourism Malaysia Page

Boring Likes
To some extent (how minutiae, I can’t say), Liked pages set a tone for each Facebook Page. Look at the boring list of Liked Pages on CutiCuti1Malaysia Page. I’m sure these pages by various government agencies are serving its purposes and engaging its own community. But that doesn’t mean Tourism Malaysia have to list them on its Page.

The Tourism Malaysia page is created to engage and woo young tourists. At least, the Ministry should try to make the Page looks hip and visually appealing.

“We are now looking at social media as a powerful platform to woo tourists, in particular the younger generation,” Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen told reporters.

Maybe add more tourism-related, lifestyle-related Pages to its Likes roster. Or else, it looks like another Facebook page of a government machinery. It’s about perception by your target audience.

Interesting, innovative campaign, please.
With RM1.8 million budget, many are expecting some interesting use of social media (other than contests on Facebook). Try to do more than creating online video and post them on YouTube. Try to do more than using Foursquare for some check-ins oriented contests. Try to do more than using Instagram for photo contests. I think RM1.8 million enables Tourism Malaysia to engage top-notch agencies to execute some interesting social media kung fu moves.

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